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Ancestral Traditional Territory Acknowledgment


Prison Free Press (PFP) is a Registered Not-for-Profit Organization that publishes two free quarterly magazines by and for prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their loved ones in Canada.

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Prison Free Press publishes and distributes 2 free quarterly publications that are dedicated to providing a safe space for those in Canadian prisons.
These magazines promote sharing of experiences through creative expressions of art, poetry & stories, as well as current news, support resources & health/ harm reduction information.

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Prison Free Press is dedicated to social justice, human rights and dignity for all.

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- produce and distribute 2 free (no cost) independent magazines by & for prisoners in Canada
- encourage and publish creative writing
- encourage and publish creative art making
- provide a space for literacy development
- provide a space for community allies to present services
- provide a forum for issues affecting prisoners & loved ones
- promote good health and harm reduction practices
- share current news events affecting prisoners & loved ones

Class Action News (CAN)

A free magazine by & for the Prisoner Class & Loved Ones in Canada

Women's Prison Network (WPN)

A free magazine by & for Women, Trans, Youth & Loved Ones in Canada

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Ancestral Traditional Territory Acknowledgment

We very respectfully acknowledge, that the land on which Prison Free Press operates on is clearly the traditional territory of the Wendat, the Anishnaabeg, Haudenosaunee, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.

We honour each & every treaty.
This Is All Native Land - Turtle Island!

'Dish With One Spoon Wampum' (Treaty)

Dish With One Spoon - Wampum Belt

'Dish With One Spoon', also known as 'One Dish, One Spoon', is a law used by Indigenous peoples of the America's since at least 1142 to describe an agreement for sharing hunting territory among two or more nations.
People are all eating out of the single dish, that is, all hunting in the shared territory.
One spoon signifies that all Peoples sharing the territory are expected to limit the game they take to leave enough for others, and for the continued abundance and viability of the hunting grounds into the future.

'Two Row Wampum' (Treaty)

Two Row Wampum

This is a treaty based on peace and friendship, anchored in a deep respect for each culture’s distinct differences.
It is a belt of white wampum beads, representing the 'River of Life'.
There are 'Two Rows' of purple wampum that travel through the centre.
One row represents the ship the settlers are steering.
The other represents the canoe the Haudenosaunee are steering.
Each vessel holds those peoples’ culture, language, history and values.
The boat and canoe go down the 'River of Life' together: Parallel but never touching, never crossing into the other’s path, never attempting to steer the other’s vessel or interfering with the other’s responsibilities.
Neither vessel is better than the other.
Neither group can make decisions for the other.
This is a treaty based on peace and friendship, anchored in a deep respect for each culture’s distinct differences.

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